Risk Management

The Oregon Dental Association *requires its members to complete three (3) hours, every three (3) years, of approved Risk Management education. Completion and verification is requisite by December 31st of each end year cycle. The ODA will send reminders to members that show no Risk Management CE on file. (Retirees and those permanently disabled are exempt).

 Risk Management is offered each April at the Oregon Dental Conference, and local dental societies offer DBIC approved courses throughout the year. We are happy to verify whether additional companies CE meet ODA requirements. Please be sure to check with your malpractice carrier for dividend qualifications.

 For your convenience, DBIC offers a free online self-study course, (Risk Management-A Practical Guide for Dentists).                                                                                                                  

If you have taken a Risk Management course with a company other than DBIC, you will need to submit your certificate of completion directly to the ODA at: FX (503) 218-2009 or EMAIL to ​Margy Simco.

 * ODA By-Laws -Section 7.06A   PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS