Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Department at the Oregon Dental Association advocates on your behalf with legislators, regulators, and other partners. Working closely with association members, and under the guidance and oversight from leadership and member-led committees, the Government Affairs department works on a host of oral health issues ranging from scope of practice to accessing care. Specifically, the Government Affairs Department focuses its efforts on measures that:

  • Provide access to oral health care for every Oregonian
  • Strengthen the public-private safety net for those who otherwise couldn't afford essential care
  • Expand access to education and disease prevention for underserved communities

While the factors preventing people from getting to the dentist are varied and complex, everyone needs good dental health. To help meet that need, the Oregon Dental Association is committed to improving access across the state to ensure that every Oregonian has access to a high-quality, licensed provider regardless of their race, income or where they live.

To be successful, we need your help. Join our Action Team to learn more about the different ways member dentists can get involved in the legislative process. Your involvement can be big or small: from writing a letter, to attending a meeting with a legislator; from making a phone call, to testifying in a legislative committee or attending a fundraiser on behalf of ODA's political action committee: DOPAC. Dentists make the best advocates for oral health issues, so get involved today!

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For more information about ODA Government Affairs, please contact Brett Hamilton, Government Affairs Director, at 503-218-2010 ext. 2002.