ODA Wellness Initiative

With increasing professional and personal demands, the overall well-being of dentists in the Oregon community is more important than ever. Please find programs and resources available to Oregon dentists and dental students below.

ODA Wellness Initiative

Peer to Peer Support Ambassador Program

The ODA's Peer to Peer Ambassador Program offers a robust network of compassionate colleagues, armed with resources to help support dentists and dental students who are dealing with wellness issues, including, but not limited to: stress management, practice issues, debt, fraud, family obligations, illness, isolation, injury, depression, loss, grief, and addiction.

Wellness Ambassadors are available to assist dentists at all levels of their career, including dental students.

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Oregon Wellness Program

Permanente Dental Associates is partnering with the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) and the Oregon Wellness Program (OWP) to offer free access to well-being resources for all licensed Oregon dentists. The PDA Board approved a three-year grant to fund dentist’ access to the Oregon Wellness Program to begin on September 1, 2021.

The Oregon Wellness Program was created in 2018 to promote Oregon’s healthcare professionals’ well-being through education, coordinated regional counseling services, telemedicine services and research.  The expansion of the state-wide program to include Oregon dentists means ODA members can now receive up to eight (8) free counseling sessions with one of the Oregon Wellness Program’s mental health providers, who are all experienced and vetted clinicians. A standardized process ensures consent and confidentiality.

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Thank you Permanente Dental Associates for your partnership and support of the Oregon Wellness Program.

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