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Our Mission: Improving Oral Health for Oregon's Children.

Oregon Children Suffer More Dental Pain and Infection than Children in Almost Any Other State and They Need Your Help!

Here is a stunning fact: Oregon children have among the worst oral health in the nation. Because of poverty, lack of access to care, and other social and economic issues Oregon children suffer more dental pain and infection than children in almost any other state. Kids in pain get sick and miss school. In fact, Oregon educators estimate that on any given day over 5,000 children are suffering from dental pain or infection. And dental disease isn't a cosmetic problem. Poor oral health affects overall health. When decay goes untreated, children may face even greater problems as adults, including chronic conditions that contribute to lung disease, stroke and bacterial pneumonia. In rare cases, oral infections have even led to death.

The Dental Foundation of Oregon provides direct care and oral health education to underserved children on our Tooth Taxi free mobile dental clinic. We support nonprofit dental clinics that serve children statewide, we educate the public about the oral health challenges and we advocate for programs and policies that improve care for kids. We are funded by individuals, corporations and foundations who care deeply about improving children's oral health.

Dental disease is 100% preventable if we will stand together for children's oral health.