Oregon Dentists and Immunization Administration 

The Oregon Dental Association introduced and passed House Bill 2220 in 2019 to empower dentists to offer vaccines to patients, expanding access to lifesaving immunizations for all Oregonians. The bill allows dentists to administer vaccines, with no limit on age of the patient or type of vaccine. The law requires providers to take a Board of Dentistry approved course prior to administering vaccines and follow all storage and reporting requirements as defined by the Oregon Health Authority.

Vaccine Flowchart

Immunization Administration Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Oregon dentists allowed to administer vaccines?
  • What types of vaccines can I administer?
  • To whom can I administer a vaccine?
  • Has the Board of Dentistry approved a vaccine administration course?
  • What other requirements/processes do I have to go through?
  • What is the time commitment to become certified?
  • I only want to give COVID-19 vaccines. Do I still need to complete the vaccine certification process?
  • Will my liability insurance coverage me for this additional scope?
  • How will I bill insurance for these services?
  • Where can I purchase vaccines once I am certified to administer them?
  • Where can I learn more?