Peer Review

ODA member dentists are required to participate in a peer review process for equitable resolution of patient complaints about dental treatment.

When patients are not satisfied with dental treatment, they should first talk to their dentist to resolve the problem. If talking to the dentist does not resolve the issue, a patient can contact the ODA - Peer Review Director at or by calling 503-218-2010 or toll free 1-800-452-5628 to learn specific details about the process and to obtain a Peer Review Request form.

The association may refer the case to a local committee of dentists. The committee will respond initially by assigning the case to a dentist who serves as a mediator. If mediation does not result in resolution, the case then goes to a full peer review committee hearing where the patient and the dentist are allowed to present evidence or information. The committee examines the evidence/ information and makes a decision.

Peer Review ensures fairness to all parties through individual case consideration and a thorough examination of records, treatment procedures and results. This free dispute resolution system often results in solutions which are satisfactory for both parties.