​Oregon Action for Dental Health

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A new study shows that Oregon has enough dentists now and into the future to address the state’s oral health care needs.

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Ongoing support is needed for programs ensuring dentists are as easy to find in rural communities as they are in more populated areas.

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While the factors preventing people from getting to the dentist are varied and complex, everyone needs good dental health. 

To help meet that need, Oregon Dental Association is committed to improving access across the state to ensure that every Oregonian has access to a high-quality, licensed provider regardless of their race, income or where they live.

Oregon Action for Dental Health is a community-driven initiative that aims to:

  • Provide access to oral health care for every Oregonian
  • Strengthen the public-private safety net for those who otherwise couldn’t afford essential care
  • Expand access to education and disease prevention for underserved communities

Oregon Action for Dental Health isn’t a quick-fix, Band Aid solution. It is a long-term commitment to improve the state’s dental health. While there is no silver bullet to remove barriers to care, Oregon’s dentists are dedicated to making a difference in their communities, ensuring all Oregonians have access to high-quality dental care.

  • Identifying the gaps that exist for dental care in underserved communities
  • Providing solutions for rural Oregon
  • Improving access to dental care for all Oregonians