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The Oregon Dental Practice Act
The Oregon Dental Practice Act is a complete list of laws and administrative rules outlining the practice of dentistry in the state of Oregon.  These laws and rules apply to dentists, hygienists, denturists and dental assistants. 

Licensure & Registration for Dental Professional in Oregon
It is unlawful for any person not otherwise authorized by law to practice dentistry or purport to be a dentist without a valid license to practice dentistry issued by the Oregon Board of Dentistry, visit the Oregon Board of Dentistry website for more information about being a licensed dental professional in Oregon

National Provider Identification Number
A health care provider will be able to apply for an NPI in one of three ways:

  1. Apply through a web-based application process. The web address is
  2. Prepare and send a paper application form to the Enumerator. A copy of the application form, which includes the Enumerator's mailing address, can be found at A health care provider may also call the Enumerator and request a blank application form. The Enumberator's phone number is 1.800.465.3203 or TTY 1.800.692.2326.
  3. With the permission of the health care provider, an organization may submit a health care provider's application in an electronic file.