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ODA Advocacy

The ODA's advocacy program is directed through the ODA Board of Trustees in affiliation with DOPAC, ODA's political action committee. The House of Delegates establishes policy on issues, while the ​Board of Trustees provides interpretation of these policies and guides development of the ODA's legislative agenda and response to legislation.

The Board of Trustees applies the below core principles with the existing political climate of the Legislature, to determine its advocacy strategy:

  • It is in the best health and safety interest of the public at large and dental providers
  • It maintains and protects the dentist as the head of the dental team
  • It is cost effective for the public
  • It addresses access to care barriers for those in need of dental services while providing adequate reimbursement to the provider

Oregon Action for Dental Health

2018 Legislative Session

On Saturday, March 3rd, 8 days ahead of the constitutionally required deadline, the 79th Legislative Assembly officially adjourned.  Despite the short session (35-day limit), lawmakers attempted to tackle health care as a universal right, expand the number of domestic violence abusers who are prohibited from owning a firearm, pass new cap-and-trade proposals and disconnect from the recently passed federal tax cut.  For the Oregon Dental Association, the session was relatively quiet. The ODA closely followed bills on the opioid epidemic, protections for DACA students, “balance billing,” and health care as a universal right.

  • HB 4143: Opioid Epidemic Solutions
  • SB 1563: Scholarships and Financial Aid for Non-Citizens
  • SB 1549: Balance Billing
  • HJR 203: Health Care as a Universal Right

2019 Legislative Session

With the short legislative session adjourned, ODA sets its sights to the 2019 Legislative Session.  Throughout the year we will be working with our local dental societies and the ADA to gather suggestions and thoughts for legislation. 

If you have an issue or some thoughts for legislation, please do not hesitate to email ODA Government Relations Director, Jennifer Lewis-Goff.