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Dentists of Oregon Political Action Committee

Because what THEY do...affects what YOU do.

How DOPAC helps you and your patients
The Dentists of Oregon Political Action Committee (DOPAC) offers concerned dentists a convenient and powerful means of making candidates for public office aware of the problems that confront oral health care professionals and the patients we serve. Whether it be the Oregon Health Plan, water fluoridation, OHSU's budget, or modifications to the Dental Practice Act, state government directly impacts your practice and the dental health of your patients in many ways. Your support of DOPAC ensures dentistry's voice will be heard—loud and clear— in Salem.

Your contribution sends a message
Running for public office is expensive—and getting more so every year. The simple truth is that candidates cannot be elected to office without a significant amount of financial support. That's why DOPAC is so important.

DOPAC is a non-partisan organization that offers campaign assistance to candidates who understand the important issues facing dentistry. Your contribution will be used to present dental issues to candidates for state elected office and then support those candidates who share our vision of what quality oral health care is and should be.

A winning record in Salem
Oregon dentistry needs lawmakers who understand the importance of oral health and will listen to our concerns. DOPAC has an enviable record of supporting winners throughout the state. On average, nearly 90 percent of successful legislative campaigns have received DOPAC funds.  

How you can help
DOPAC accepts voluntary contributions from individuals and for-profit corporations. In addition to DOPAC contributions through the political education and support of your state dues, consider consider becoming a sustaining member of DOPAC by joining one of our elite giving clubs:

Capitol Club (up to $250)

Leadership Club ($250- $500)

President's Club ($500 and up)

An additional contribution of $49 will allow you to become a part of the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC), the American Dental Association's political action committee, to assist congressional candidates who support dentistry's national agenda.

To see a complete list of DOPAC contributions visit our DOPAC Expenditures page.