Give Kids A Smile®

Give Kids A Smile The ADA's Give Kids A Smile program is the annual centerpiece of National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s celebrated nationally, on the first Friday in February, when the nation’s dentists begin providing free oral health care services to underserved children across the country. In addition to helping children in need, Give Kids A Smile highlights for policymakers the ongoing challenges that disadvantaged children face in accessing dental care.

Give Kids A Smile supports your volunteer program by:

  • Working with sponsors to collect donated dental materials and products, and then distributing them for free to GKAS programs nationwide;

  • Providing a toolkit full of planning and promotional materials to support GKAS volunteer event operations;

  • Offering advanced training to 10 or more GKAS program coordinators each year, and then providing networking opportunities to share best practices;

  • Collecting and aggregating data from individual programs to demonstrate the great need for oral health care resources for children.

To sign up and join the movement, or to learn more about the program, visit the new GKAS website (now a part of the ADA Foundation).