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Digital Badging

Digital badging is an assessment and credentialing system created to reward and recognize you for your contributions to the Oregon Dental Association and the dental community in Oregon.  This is a new member benefit – as digital badges are promotional currency and awareness you can use to boost your online profile and promote your community involvement and leadership credentials!

Have questions about digital badging? ​Checkout these below helpful videos, frequently asked questions or contact us.

Helpful Digital Badging Videos

What is Digital Badging?

Create a Credly Profile

Claim your First Badge

Digital Badging FAQ's

FAQ 1: I created an account and cannot logon.  Can you help?

All accounts are confirmed and verified by email from Credly. In that email, you must click the link provided to complete your account. If you did not receive the email from Credly to confirm your account, please attempt to create an account again.

FAQ 2: Credly never sent me my confirmation email, how do I confirm my email?

First, please make sure your spam filter has not blocked the Credly server emails. If you do not have an email in your spam filter, your account creation was likely not completed. Please attempt to create an account again using the steps above.

FAQ 3: I created an account with Credly and accepted the ODA badge but only see the Credly badge, why is that?

Unfortunately, sometimes the system does not synchronize, please repeat steps two through four above, to claim the badge again.

FAQ 4: I can see my badges I have earned but others cannot see them on my Credly profile. How can I make them visible to all Credly users?

Your badges are often set to be visible by default but this feature can be turned off. To make your badges visible on your Credly profile, simply hover your mouse over the badge you would like visible. There is an "eye" icon to indicate visibility. Click the "eye" icon accordingly to make your badge visible and repeat that process to any additional badges you would like visible on your Credly profile.

FAQ 5: I connected to Facebook but my badges are not showing. What do I do?

In order to show your first badge, you may need to set-up your Credly Application within Facebook first. Learn how to set up the Credly Application within Facebook here: How-to Facebook. If you successfully added the Credly Application to your Facebook and still do not see the badge you claimed, please contact ODA staff member, Alexa Hujik, Education and Events Coordinator at


For more information about the Oregon Dental Associations digital badging system please contact, Alexa Hujik, Education and Events Coordinator at ​

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