2021 ODC Q&A Sessions

The virtual 2021 Oregon Dental Conference offers over 90 hours of CE, available to attendees starting on Thursday, April 8 at 1:00 pm. In addition, many ODC speakers have signed up for a Q&A session with attendees. These sessions will offer a typed Q&A feature where attendees can submit a written question for the speaker to reply to during their scheduled block of time.
Check out the ODC Q&A schedule below. Preregistration for these special sessions is not required, but we encourage you to watch a speaker’s course(s) before attending their Q&A.
The Q&A feature is another way our virtual event allows you to connect in real-time. Don’t miss out. Our speakers are looking forward to engaging with you! 

Q&A Schedule: Friday, April 9th

Q&A Schedule: Saturday, April 10th