COVID-19 Emergency Dental Care

In need of Emergency Dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic? Contact your dentist who can help!

Don't have a dentist? Please contact the emergency dental referral leader in your area for a registry of dentists and clinics providing emergency care during the COVID-19 pandemic. If this is a medical emergency, please contact 911.

Emergency Dental Referral Leader List
Please note this is a referral service only. The ODA shall not be held responsible for any treatments, advice, decisions, or care provided by a referred dentist. Referrals made by the area leaders are referrals only, not recommendations of treatment from any specific dentist.

Applicable payment agreements will be made between the patient and the dentist providing care. The ODA will not be held accountable for any payment arrangements. 

The emergency dental registry of providers includes ODA member dentists and non-ODA member dentists. This registry does not indicate an endorsement of any provider. 

If you are in need of low cost dental care or additional resources, please visit the For the Public page of our website.

For more information about the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our Coronavirus resources page.