2020 Legislative Session

The Oregon Legislature convened for a short 35-day session on Monday February 3, 2020.  The Oregon Dental Association is tracking several oral health bills this session- see below for our key bills of interest, and check out our Legislative Action Center for additional updates and ways to get involved throughout session.

  • SB 1549: Dental Therapy
  • SB 1550: ITR
  • HB 4127: Oral Health in Education; CDHCs

Member Testimony
The Senate Health Care Committee had a public hearing on Senate Bill 1549 on February 4.  Thank you to the three ODA members who provided testimony on behalf of ODA at the hearing: Dr. Rick Asai, Dr. Phil Marucha, and Dr. Caroline Zeller.  Check out the below videos to watch their testimony, as well as the full hearing on the bill.

  • Full Hearing on SB 1549 The full public hearing on Senate Bill 1549, from Tuesday February 4, 2020.
  • ODA Testimony on SB 1549 ODA member testimony on SB 1549, at the February 4 public hearing.
Interested in getting involved?  Join the ODA Action Team to get involved in the legislative process and be kept in the loop on important conversations needed with your legislators!