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Dues Programs

You now have three options for paying your annual dues!

According to the Oregon Dental Association bylaws, membership dues are to be paid before January 1st of each year. In order to make your dues payment more convenient, we offer these options:

1. ‘EZ Pay’ plan: Under the EZ Pay pre-payment dues plan, participants authorize the Oregon Dental Association to automatically charge their credit card in three equal installments that are billed on July 15, September 15 and November 15 in the year prior to the current dues year.  The payments are based upon previous year's dues amount, with any necessary adjustments occurring with the November payment.  2014 EZ Pay enrollment concluded June of 2013.  Information on EZ Pay for 2015 dues payments will be sent to members in May.

2. 12 month plan: Under the 12 month payment plan, participants authorize the ODA to, on a monthly basis, charge their credit card or deduct from their checking account their current year's dues in 12 equal installments from January thru December. Members may opt in to this plan when they receive their annual dues invoice in October.

3. Standard Payment: Under the standard plan, members are invoiced in October for dues that are to be remitted by January 1 of the dues year.

How to Participate

Contact Alexa Hujik, Membership & Administrative Coordinator, for information on how to participate in any of the ODA dues-payment plans.