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Dentist Health and Wellness Program


Professionals helping other professionalsConfidential help is just a phone call away

Best estimates indicate that approximately 10 percent of Americans are affected by mental and physical illnesses—including alcohol and other drug addictions—that may potentially impair both their health and their professions, including the practice of dentistry. These illnesses are very treatable. Loss of life as a result of addiction is preventable. The pain experienced by families, friends and colleagues upon the death of loved one could be lessened, if not completely avoided, if treatment were sought.

ODA's Dentist Health and Wellness Program offers assistance, referrals and education to dentists and their families in dealing with physical, mental, alcohol or drug-related problems. Volunteer dentists are on call to help colleagues. Support groups, intervention and residential treatment for impaired dentists can be arranged by calling our 24-hour hotline.

Dentist Health and Wellness 24-Hour Hotline

For help with litigation stress support, contact ODA's central office at (800) 452-5628.


About the Dentist Health and Wellness Program

The ODA Dentist Health and Wellness Program seeks to provide confidential assistance to Oregon dentists, whether or not they are ODA members, who may be suffering from physical health, mental health, addiction or aging issues that could impair their ability to practice dentistry safely. The program is overseen by a committee of dentists. Callers to the Dentist Health and Wellness Hotline at 503-550-0190 will be connected to a committee member for caring support and listening, as well as referral to appropriate resources and advisors within 24 hours.

ODA member dentists recognize the essential human dignity of all those who suffer from chemical dependency or mental disorders. Our services are available to all Oregon dentists and OHSU dental students in need of help, regardless of their affiliation with the Oregon Dental Association.

Professionals helping other professionals