Teach Me How to Brushy FAQs


Why "The Brushy"?

The Oregon Dental Association developed the Teach Me How to Brushy campaign as a fun way to teach children and parents about healthy dental hygiene habits that can actually prevent diseases throughout the body. 

The mouth is a major health center in the body. Unhealthy mouths can lead to diabetes, heart issues, and worse. But rather than lecture parents and expect that lecture to reach their kids, we wanted to create a video that would share the facts with families in a way they'd actually want to check out.

Who's in the Brushy?

We were so fortunate that some of our community partners and political representatives were willing to come out and support this public service announcement. We have Rep. Tina Kotek who's in the Oregon State Legislature, as well as some legendary figures from the Trailblazer organization who were willing to lend their dancing talent to the video -- Jerome Kersey and Bill Schonley were terrific to work with and Blaze the mascot too. We also have Dr. Bruce Goldberg, who's the head of the Oregon Health Authority and an important person in the Oregon Healthy Kids program. 

And of course, who could forget the superstars of the video: the kids. Ockley Green K-8 School in Portland brought their drama club out in full force and they were AMAZING dancers, and we also had some local families who wanted to participate. 

What did you think of the Brushy?

This is not your ordinary PSA! We knew that the ODA needed to do something different and a little out of the norm to catch people's attention with our message. We hoped when we first launched The Brushy that we'd get a good following among our friends, our dentist members' patients and the community. We have been blown away by the response so far! We're getting played on national morning shows, on TV stations across the country, and as of this morning have had over 430,000 views in just over a week!

Who's behind the Brushy?

Oregon Dental Association is an organization composed of 2100 dentists across the state of Oregon. We are dedicated to advancing the dental profession and promoting the highest standard of oral health and oral healthcare. Established in 1893, ODA is a voluntary membership organization for Oregon dentists.  ODA provides continuing education, advocacy and other services for dentists and public information to promote good dental health.

What is the important message that children and parents should take away? What's your advice to parents and kids?

This video is all about helping parents and kids to recognize the importance that brushing, flossing and rinsing have, not only in preventing dental disease, but in tee-ing up whole body health. A healthy mouth is a healthy body.

Where can we go for more information?

If you visit teachmehowtobrushy.com you can get to the Oregon Dental Association's Facebook page. There you can get some quick facts, FAQs and links to more information that can help families understand the importance of a healthy mouth. Again, families can also upload their own video showing ODA how their family does the Brushy, which will be shared on ODA’s Facebook wall.

The Brushy sounds familiar? 

The Brushy is a parody of California Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie,” which was a popular internet video and dance a couple years back.