Government Affairs



The ODA's Government Affairs department and the Government Relations Council, along with a network of grassroots dentists, has championed many political issues for members including water fluoridation, Oregon Health Plan, and scope of practice issues.

The ODA is continuously watchful for bills and regulatory action that could be harmful to the dental professional and the health of Oregonians, while constantly striving to work toward solutions for issues such as the lack of access to care, Medicaid, community water fluoridation and improved wellness for the most vulnerable.

Visit our Grassroots Action Center to see the different ways member dentists can get involved in the legislative process, including our letters and e-mail campaigns, becoming part of our Grassroots Action Team, or attending one of our Advocacy Training Seminars.  Dentists make the best advocates for oral health issues, get involved today!  


For more information
about ODA Government Affairs, please contact a staffer in our Government Affairs Department:

Managing Director of Public and Professional Affairs
Christina Swartz:

Member Compliance Coordinator
Lori Lambright:



Want to learn more about how an idea becomes a Law in Oregon?  Review this simpe diagram of the Oregon Legislative process.