100% Club

We could not have a successful clinic without our volunteers!  The following dental offices made it possible for all of their employees to volunteer at the 2013 Oregon Mission of Mercy, and we appreciate it! 

Thank you, and congratulations, to our 100% ClubAnd an additional thank you to all of the companies, organizations and schools that are represented at OrMOM 2013!
*If your office/organization/company isn't listed below, but should be, please let us know!  Send an email to OrMOM@oregondental.org.
Jessica Adams DDS
Summer Archibald DDS
Scott Barry DMD
Melissa Beadnell DMD
Charles Branen DMD
David Case DDS
May Chang DDS
Jennifer Crowe DDS
Richard Dietrich DMD
David Dowsett DMD
Tim Eilers DMD
Bryan Euzent DDS
John Gallucci DMD
Stacy Geisler DDS
Todd Gifford DMD
Matt Hoidal DDS
Debi Huyssoon DMD
Lisa Kakishita DMD
Bill Kirkland DDS
James Krippaehne DMD
Donna Mattscheck DMD
Randy Morgan DMD
Thomas Orazio DMD
Matthew Park DMD
Annette Pearson DDS
Hai Pham DMD
Gregory Reams DMD
Heather Rogers DDS
Olesya Salathe DMD
Nirvana Schuyler DMD
Michelle Skierkowski DDS
Annalisa Smith DMD
Kyle Smith DMD
Michelle Stafford DDS
Marcus Stones DMD
Brett Sullivan DMD, MD
Frances Sunseri DMD
Sue Walker DMD
Karen Weliky DMD
Gregory Williams DMD
Kimberly Wright DMD
Joni Young DMD

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