Oral Care for Cancer Patients

Oral Care for Cancer Patients
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Mouth problems during cancer treatment are the norm, not the exception and long term oral problems persist for head and neck cancer patients due to radiation. Giving information to our dental patients that are, will be, or have undergone cancer treatment is a valuable service. Dental offices should be prepared to offer this special care and education for their cancer patients. Mouth sores and dry mouth discourage normal eating and can make activities that are already disrupted by cancer treatment miserable. After surviving cancer and cancer treatment, having to spend many hours and thousands of dollars to restore the mouth is another blow and an unnecessary burden.

Looking for a way to understand the oral complications of head and neck cancer and the best ways to help?  Read Oral Complications of Cancer and Cancer Therapy: From Cancer Treatment to Survivorship, an article from CA A Cancer Journal for Clinicians with a free quiz for 1 hour of  CE. 


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If you are an oncologist looking for more information for a patient, please use our "find a dentist" feature on www.oregondental.org to find a dentist in your area that can help you with our "Info for the Oncologist" section of the website.


We are looking for volunteer dentist's willing to be matched to each head and neck cancer treatment center.  This dentist would serve as a contact to deliver written literature to the cancer center and make themselves available for questions from oncologists and staff.  They also would be a resource for the patient's general dentist who may not have experience with the unique needs of a cancer patient. If you are interested in becoming one of these dentists, please contact Christina Swartz at cswartz@oregondental.org or 503-218-2010 ext. 105.