Councils and Committees

Standing ODA Councils and Committees

The Oregon Dental Association has a variety of councils and committees.  Below is a brief description of each.  If you are interested in volunteering, click the "Sign up " button at the bottom of this page to complete an electronic interest form, or email for more information.  A member of the Leadership Development Committee will contact you when openings become available in your area(s) of interest. 

Access to Care Committee
Works to find solutions to help some of Oregon's most vulnerable citizens receive adequate dental care and education.
Annual Meeting Council
Manages the Oregon Dental Conference.
Dentists Health and Well Being Committee
Offers support and resources for dental professionals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and other personal issues that impact their professional lives.
Dentists of Oregon Political Action Committee (DOPAC)
Works closely with the Government Relations Council to build relationships and promote dentistry's causes among Oregon's political leaders.
Government Relations Council
Studies federal, state and local legislation and regulations related to dentistry and dental services, and provides recommendations regarding ODA's support of proposed legislation and regulations.  The council also acts as a liaison between the ODA, the Oregon Board of Dentistry and the Dentists of Oregon Political Action Committee.
Judicial Council
Handles disciplinary action against ODA members as directed by the Peer Review Committee as well as appeals from component society disciplinary proceedings and direct referral of administrative issues outside the Peer Review Committee's responsibility.
Leadership Development Committee
Builds the association's leadership and oversees ways to make its governance more effective.
Membership Council
Recommends, develops and monitors ODA's programs and services.  It also maintains standing committees or task forces in the areas of member services, recruitment and retention, new dentists and student members.
New Dentist Committee
Provides dental students and new practitioners with networking and mentorship opportunities, as well as educating them about the benefits of organized dentistry and the latest happenings within the profession.
Public and Professional Education Council
Pursues the goals and objectives of the strategic plan as they relate to gathering, creating and disseminating dentistry's message to the public and the profession.
Publications Advisory Committee
Responsible for the publications for the Oregon Dental Association under the leadership of the editor.
State Peer Review Committee
Oversees the peer review process to ensure all cases accepted for review are administered in accordance with the guidelines specified in the ODA Peer Review Manual.
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