ODA in Action

Oregon Dental Association staff and volunteers routinely meet with the following entities in an effort to make sure that the rights of our member dentists and their patients are being taken into consideration.

Oregon Health Reform and Access to Care  

  1. Oregon Health Authority
    • Coordinated Care Organization development
    • Oregon Health Policy Board
    • Public Health Division and Public Health Advisory Board
  • Oregon Insurance Division regulations and insurance carrier problems
  • DHS – DMAP /Medicaid
    • Dental Care Organizations and clinical services under Medicaid
  1. Public Health Division
  • Radiation Protection (Machine registration/inspections and x-ray training for dental staff)
  • Communicable Disease
  • Oregon Office of Oral Health
  • Oregon Public Health Advisory Board
  1. Oregon Board of Dentistry:
  • Rulemaking
  •  Committee activities – (Anesthesia, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant/x-ray certification, EPPDH, Licensure requirements, Standard of Care and Competency)
  1.  OSHA: Regulations including penalties and inspections
  1.  Oregon DEQ and Association of Water Agencies
  • ODA BMP Program which is now Oregon law
  • Future regulation of dental offices and dental wastes
  1.  Oregon Bureau of Labor
  • Employer and employee issues
  • Poster requirements for offices  
  1.  Workers Compensation


Other related groups: 

  • Rural Health Coordinating Council
  • First Tooth Advisory Committee – Age 0 – 3
  • Community Access Programs
  • Oregon Health Evidence Review Commission and Dental Services Workgroup
  • Oregon Oral Health Coalition
  • Healthy Kids

Other areas of interest to dentists:
Insurance Issues

  • ADA Code  and  Contract Analysis for members
  • HIPAA  - Privacy and Security
  • NPI Numbers
  • Red Flags rules
  • Americans with Disabilities Act 

Updated February 2013