ADA 11th District Leaders

The Oregon Dental Association is one of five constituent dental societies (including Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Washington) that comprise the American Dental Association's Eleventh Trustee District. The district elects one representative to the ADA Board of Trustees. The trustee, with the approval of the ADA House of Delegates, selects district members to serve on ADA councils, committees and task forces.

Eleventh District Trustee
The ADA Board of Trustees is the managing body of the American Dental Association, vested with the full power to conduct all business of the Association. 
Rick Asai, DMD
ADA 11th District Trustee
11786 SW Barnes Rd, Ste 340
Portland, OR 97225
503-646-8180 Fax

ADA Councils and Committees (with 11th District Representatives) 

Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations
The Council is a primary ADA agency dedicated to broadening the scope of oral health care within the health care system, promoting preventive dentistry as a cornerstone of oral healthcare and advancing the delivery of oral healthcare to the public. CAPIR recommends policy, develops resources and formulates programs in the areas of: access to oral health services; community health activities; community water fluoridation and other preventive health activities; and health care facilities and interprofessional affairs.
Dr. Jane Gillette (MT - 2015, Chair)
Dr. Melanie Lang (WA- 2015)
ADA Sessions
The Council is the Association agency which serves the ADA members and the worldwide dental community by providing professional, educational and social experiences.
Dr. Henry Evans (WA - 2018)
American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC)
The American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) is the political arm of the American Dental Association. Its mission is to educate dentists about the importance of political action and to help elect candidates for congressional office who understand and are supportive of issues of importance to dentists and their patients.
Dr. Patrick Hagerty (OR - 2018)
Commission on Dental  Accreditation (CODA)
The mission of the Commission on Dental Accreditation is to serve the public by establishing, maintaining and applying standards that ensure the quality and continuous improvement of dental and dental-related education and reflect the evolving practice of dentistry. The scope of the Commission on Dental Accreditation encompasses dental, advanced dental and allied dental education programs.
Ms. Cindy Stergar (MT- 2018)
The Council is a primary ADA agency dedicated to promoting and conveying information on oral health care issues to the public, the Association members and the healthcare community. The Council oversees the development of programs, supports related efforts of the ADA tripartite structure, and provides recommendations to the ADA’s policy-making bodies on communication issues, including media relations and the image of dentistry. It should be noted that this mission must be pursued in accordance with the Bylaws.
Dr. Kurt Lindemann (MT - 2018)
Continuing Education Provider Recognition  

The Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition is dedicated to developing recognition standards, reviewing and approving providers of continuing dental education and administering the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program.

Mr. Conor McNulty (OR- 2018)

Dental Benefit Programs
The Council is the ADA agency dedicated to promoting quality dental care through the development, promotion and monitoring of the dental benefit programs for the public, and by development and maintenance of dental coding systems and quality assessment and improvement tools and methodologies.
Dr. Sammy Pak (WA - 2016)
Dental Education and Licensure
The Council is the ADA agency dedicated to promoting high quality and effective processes of dental education, dental licensure and credentialing in the United States.
Dr. Bryan Edgar (WA- 2018)
Dr. Jill Price (OR - 2017) 
Dental Practice
The Council is the ADA is to recommend policies and provide resources to empower our members to continue development of the dental practice, and to enhance their personal and professional lives for the betterment of the dental team and the patients they serve.
Dr. Greg Bengtson (ID - 2016)
Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs
The Council is the ADA agency dedicated to enhancing the ethical conscience of dentists by promoting the highest moral, ethical and professional standards in the provision of dental care to the public.
Dr. Laura Williams (WA - 2015) 
Government Affairs
The Council is the ADA agency that recommends policies related to legislative and regulatory issues , including the formulation of proposed federal legislation. The council also disseminates information to assist constituent and component societies on state legislative and regulatory matters. The CGA is the Association's liaison with agencies of the federal government, especially those agencies that employ dental personnel.
Dr. David Minahan (WA- 2018) 
Members Insurance and Retirement Programs
The Council is the ADA agency that shall evaluate on a continuing basis all Association sponsored insurance programs; examine and evaluate other insurance programs that might be of benefit to the membership; advise and recommend courses of action on insurance programs; assist constituent societies in matters related to insurance programs; serve as trustees for the ADA Members Retirement Program.
Dr. Dave Houten (WA - 2016)
The Council is the ADA agency that shall formulate and recommend policies related to membership recruitment and retention; identify and monitor trends and issues that affect membership recruitment and retention; support, monitor and encourage membeship activities of constituent and component dental societies; recommend, monitor and support the development of membership benefits and services; act as an advocate for membership benefits.
Dr. Jonathan Woller (AK - 2018)
Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations
The JCNDE is the agency responsible for the development and administration of the National Board Dental Examinations. This 15-member Commission includes representatives of dental schools, dental practice, state dental examining boards, dental hygiene, dental students, and the public
Dr. Dale Robert Chamberlain (MT - 2018) 
Dr. Patricia Anne Parker (OR- 2017)
Committee on the New Dentist
The Committee on the New Dentist provides the Board with expertise on the needs and interests of new dentists and at the direction of the Board and in concert with other councils and ADA agencies, provides the Board with expertise on issues affecting new dentists; advocates the perspectives of the new dentist in the development of policies, program benefits and services; identifies the needs and concerns of new graduates and makes recommendations for programs to assist with their transition to practice; stimulates increased involvement and active participation of new dentists in organized dentistry; serves as ex officio members, with the power to vote, of councils and commissions as assigned by the Board on issues affecting new dentists; and enhances communications with new dentists via the new/young dentist network.
Dr. Brittany Dean (WA - 2018)
Scientific Affairs
The Council serves the public, the dental profession and other health professions as the primary source of timely, relevant and emerging information on the science of dentistry and promotion of oral health. The Council provides recommendations to the ADA’s policymaking bodies on scientific issues. The Council also promotes, reviews, evaluates, and conducts studies on scientific matters.
Dr. Peter Milgrom (WA - 2015)
Dr. Rebecca Slayton (WA - 2017)