Dental Emergencies



  1. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm water to clean mouth out.
  2. Use dental floss to remove any food that might be trapped between the teeth.
  3. If swelling is present, place cold packs on the outside of cheek. (Do not use heat of place aspirin on the aching gum or tooth tissues)
  4. See a dentist as soon as possible.

Knocked Out Tooth

  1. Place tooth in a container of fresh cool milk or water.  DO NOT clean tooth.
  2. Transport child to dentist within 30 minutes.

    Broken Tooth

  1. Gently clean dirt or other matter from the injuried area with warm water.
  2. Place cold packs on the face, in area of injuried tooth, to minimize swelling.
  3. Transport child immediately to dentist within 30 minutes.  If possible, bring broken piece of tooth.

Possible Fractured Jaw

  1. Hold the jaw still by any means (handkerchief, necktie, towel).
  2. If swelling is present, apply cold packs.
  3. Call 911.  Take child to a hospital.

Lossened Teeth, Tooth Knocked Into Gum

  1. Remember that children normally have loose teeth beginning around 5 years of age.
  2. If there has been an injury causing a loosened tooth or trauma, take child to the dentist.

Bitten Tongue Or Lip

  1. Apply pressure to bleeding area with clean cloth for 5 minutes.  If bleeding persists, apply pressure for 5 more minutes.
  2. If swelling is present, apply cold packs.
  3. If bleeding does not stop, contact your healthcare provider or take child to urgent care or hospital if necessary.

Objects Wedged Between Teeth

  1. Try to remove object with dental floss.  DO NOT try to remove the object with a sharp or forked instrument.
  2. If not successful in removing object, take child to the dentist.