About the Mentor Program
Established in 1999, the ODA Mentor Program matches OHSU dental students with practicing dentists. ODA members can provide students with invaluable insights about the world of dentistry, including types of practices, dental techniques and patient relations. They can personally address specific questions and concerns students have. Mentoring relationships, whether short-term or long-term, can help ensure a smooth transition from dental school to becoming a dentist after you graduate. 

Mentors needed
ODA is in need of dentists to mentor students. Participation is easy and requires only a small commitment of time. Contact Margaret E. Torgeson at 503-218-2010 ext. 108 to request a copy of ODA's mentor registration form. The information you provide on the form helps us match you with a student whose interests are similar to yours.

ODA sponsors one mentor event each academic year.