Our Mission

Core Ideology
ODA's core ideology describes our consistent identity that transcends all relative environmental change. Core ideology consists of two notions: core purpose (ODA's reason for being) and core values (the essential and enduring principles that guide our organization.

Core Purpose
To advance the dental profession and to promote the highest standard of oral health and oral healthcare.

Core Values

  • Integrity, honesty, ethics
  • Caring and charity
  • High standards and quality care based on scientific principles and clinical judgment
  • Prevention
  • Lead, represent and provide service to the profession and the public; patient advocacy; promote the value of health
  • Collegiality; collaboration; peer support; communication
  • Education

Strategic Long-Range Plan
ODA’s strategic long-range plan describes a desired vision and what will be essential to achieving that vision. It is grounded in core ideology and driven by an envisioned future that realizes the full potential of ODA’s ability to support its stakeholders and the industry. ODA’s commitments are articulated in goals that declare the outcomes or attributes we intend to achieve. Objectives represent key metrics affecting ODA’s ability to achieve the goal and articulate the direction in which these issues must be moved. Strategies will describe how ODA plans to commit its limited resources to make its vision a reality.

In the future, ODA will not be able to be all things to all people, but it must be different things to different people as the plan evolves to meet the needs of a constantly changing professional environment. Therefore, underlying this plan is the adoption of an ongoing process of planning and thinking strategically, designed to ensure relevance of direction and action over time.

In developing this strategic plan, a framework for planning was utilized, based on a model that organizes conversations about the future into four distinct planning “horizons.” This framework will help ODA prioritize and execute outcomes as well as ensure the relevance of its long-range direction over time.