Volunteer FAQs


Where is the event being held?
OrMOM 2015 will take place in Exhibit Hall A/B at the Oregon Convention Center (777 NE MLK Jr Blvd) in Portland.  
I'm not a dental health professional - is there a way that I can help at OrMOM?
Yes!  We need many different types of volunteers - dentists, assistant, hygienists, pharmacists, doctors, students, people from the community, etc.  We could use all of your help!  At the 2010 OrMOM, 1244 volunteers helped 1544 patients in two days, and in 2011, over 1800 volunteers provided treatment to over 2000 patients.   There will be 100+ dental chairs in use, so we'll need to have them filled, at all times, with dental care professionals.  That leaves around 500 available positions for 'day of' behind the scenes help (registration, routing, food service, etc), help with actual patient care, and help with interpretation and patient escorts.  Patients will never be left alone, so we need a lot of people from the community to help us escort the patient between departments as they are preparing for treatment. 
Is there a minimum age for volunteers?
In order to ensure everyone's safety, the minimum age for volunteers on the OrMOM clinic floor is 18.  If you are between 16 and 18 and would like to volunteer, in a non-clinic capacity (set-up / tear-down / volunteer registration), please have your parent or guardian sign this waiver and return it to the ODA.
Will there be designated parking for OrMOM volunteers?
TBD - we'll update this once the logistics have been confirmed.
What should I expect at OrMOM?
More than 100 portable dental chairs, lights and units will be set up to treat patients. The chairs will recline and the units will have access to water and suction.  Given space restraints at OrMOM, each dentist will be able to have one dental assistant. If a dentist is able to bring more than one assistant, extra assistants will be assigned to work with other dentists or somewhere else in the clinic.  As patients register at OrMOM, they will be asked complete a form asking for basic demographic information and their health history. The form will then be used for triage and to record patient treatment information.  Patients will be treated based on their most urgent needs, with pain elimination as the number one OrMOM priority. The dentists in triage will be responsible for assessing and prioritizing patients' treatment needs.
Will dental instruments be available or should I bring my own?
Dental instruments will be provided.  You are welcome to bring your own, just make sure that everything is CLEARLY labeled with your name.  Pediatric dentists - safety kits will not be provided, so you should bring your own.  Hygienist, we will have six cavitrons available.  If you would like to bring your own, clearly labeled, cavitron, then we will re-calibrate it for you at the conclusion of your shift.
Can I bring my own dental assistant or will one be provided for me?
You are welcome to bring your own assistant, but they must register individually.  There is an area on the registration form that allows you to name your assistant as well as for them to name you as their dentist.  Dentists are encouraged to have their entire office register.  This is a great opportunity for you to volunteer as a team.  We have plenty of opportunities for everyone in the office to help.  Dentists not paired up with their own assistant will be provided an assistant to work with.
Will chairside stools be provided for dentists and assistants?
One chairside stool will be provided for each dental chair.  It is intended for the dentist to use during treatment.  Assistants wanting a chairside stool should bring their own, CLEARLY labeled with your name.
Will my liability insurance cover me while at OrMOM?
While it is always prudent to call your insurer and double check, DBIC and OMSNIC/Fortress have let us know that their insureds will be covered while volunteering at OrMOM.
I am a dentist or hygienist, but do not have an active license to practice in the state of Oregon.  Can I volunteer at OrMOM?
Yes, absolutely!  The Oregon Board of Dentistry now provides temporary volunteer licenses for dentists and hygienists licensed and in good-standing in another state to practice dentistry, without compensation, for up to five consecutive days in any 12-month period.  In order to receive this temporary license, you must complete this form and return it to the Oregon Board of Dentistry at least 10 days before you are scheduled to volunteer.
If the link doesn't work, you can copy this URL into your browser: http://www.oregon.gov/dentistry/Forms/OutofState_Temporary_Vol_License.pdf
If you have retired your dental license, then we could still use your expertise in areas such as post-op (explaining post-procedure protocols to patients) or routing (directing triaged patients to the correct treatment area).
Orthodontists, we could use your help fitting and placing flippers in the dental lab.
Can I receive CE credit for volunteering at OrMOM?
The Oregon Board of Dentistry permits you to claim CE credit for up to 6 hours of volunteering during your cycle.  This means that, depending on the rest of the CE that you are claiming, you may be able to receive CE for the time you volunteer at OrMOM.  You will need to keep track of your hours so that you can self-report to the Board of Dentistry in the case that you are audited.
I need to provide my employer with proof that I volunteered at OrMOM.  Will you have something available?
Yes.  We will provide work release forms to all volunteers that you can give to your employer to show the time you spent volunteering at OrMOM.
What should I wear?
Typical dress for dental personnel is scrubs.  Otherwise, dress is casual — whatever is most comfortable for you. Remember to wear comfortable and supportive, closed-toed shoes!  The convention center floor is concrete.

All volunteers will be given a OrMOM t-shirt or scrub top (for clinical volunteers) and are required to wear it during the clinic.
Will there be food available for volunteers at OrMOM?
All volunteers will be provided with a place for meals and breaks, and will be provided with food, beverages and water.  Everyone, should plan to eat or drink in the designated volunteer break room.  If necessary, clinical staff may have beverages in the clinic as long as they are discreet.  Please do not eat or drink in front of patients.  We will also host a volunteer dinner on Sunday (including an orientation) that all volunteers are welcome to attend, regardless of the day/amount of time that you are volunteering.  While we will do our best to accommodate special dietary needs, all of our food is donated, so it may not always be possible.  If your diet is especially strict, please plan ahead and bring snacks/lunch/etc.
I'm a member of the press.  Who should I contact about media inquiries?
Please contact Christina Swartz, ODA managing director of public & professional education, at cswartz@oregondental.org or (800)452-5628.