Barry Evans, DMD

 Barry O. Evans, DMD

Barry O. Evans, DMD

Friday, April 3, 2009
9 pm - 5 pm
6 CE credits each course
ODA course
Recommended for: Dentists, Hygienists, Laboratory Technicians



Conservative Gold Castings:
Getting Back to the Basics

There will be a detailed discussion of the underlying rationale and philosophy for the use of gold as a restorative material as compared to other materials available in a modern dental practice.

Preparation designs for the full crown, 7/8s crown, Class ll inlay, ½ crown, the distal of the canine and MOD Cusp overlay will be discussed, emphasizing techniques that create sound cavity designs that allow for efficiency and simplification in a productive dental practice. The rationale and technique of Crown venting for full crowns will be presented. There will be an extensive discussion of the treatment of cracked and fractured teeth, which have become epidemic in today’s dental practice. 
A demonstration of a reproducible impression techniques that will allow for consistently complete reproduction of margins regardless of how difficult they might be to capture will be presented. An efficient temporization technique that allows more time to be spent on preparation design will be discussed. The Richard V Tucker technique for seating and finishing inlays and onlays will also be presented.

Course Objectives:

The course attendees will be able to understand the rationale for choosing when a cast gold restoration is the restoration of choice. They will understand why the patient may choose this option over other choices in dentistry, when the benefits are properly explained by a caring practitioner. They will have a good understanding simplified cast gold preparation designs for use in multiple of situations. The attendees will understand the materials and techniques necessary for temporization and seating of conservative gold castings. 
Barry O. Evans, DMD is a 1969 graduate of the University of Oregon Dental School. He is currently in general practice in Portland, Oregon.   Dr. Evans is a strong proponent of postgraduate “Study Club” education. He has been a member of the Seattle RV Tucker Study Club for 30 years, as well as, numerous other operating study clubs. He currently mentors three Conservative Cast Gold Study Clubs in Portland. He has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally on Conservative Cast Gold.   Dr. Evans is a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a member of the International College of Dentists, Academy of Operative Dentistry, American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, the RV Tucker Academy, and the Academy of Restorative Dentistry. He is a past President of the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, and has received the Outstanding Clinician Award from the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, the President’s Award from the RV Tucker Academy, and the President’s Award from the OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association.