Edward M. Feinberg, DMD

 Edward M. Feinberg, DMD

Edward M Feinberg, DMD

Day 1. Friday, April 3, 2009
9 am - 5 pm
6 CE credits
Day 2. Saturday, April 4, 2009
8 am - 4:30 pm
6 CE credits
ODA courses
Recommended for: Dental Team, Laboratory Technicians


 A Philosophical Approach to Full Coverage Restorations in General Practice:
A Two Day Course

This course will present a philosophical, evidence-based approach to fixed crown and bridgework.  The evidence for the success of this approach is documented in a library of over 100,000 slides and digital pictures taken since 1950 where every tooth was prepared and handled in the same manner.  X-Ray follow-up of cases that have been followed for decades will be presented along with presentation of recent cases.   The course will demonstrate how crown and bridgework can minimize periodontal disease and virtually eliminate recurrent decay.  Common problems encountered with full coverage restorations will be discussed along with advice on how these problems can be avoided.
In addition, this course will introduce the precision attachment case. This type of case has been used in the same manner successfully in our office since 1950 on both natural teeth and implants.  The concept for the type of attachment that has been used was invented in 1906 and has a long, well-documented history.  The course will demonstrate the truly amazing results that can be achieved with precision attachments when they are used properly.  Implants have been used with precision attachment partial dentures successfully for 15 years.  Documented cases of this will be presented.  

Day 1: Fixed Bridgework
  • Preparation of teeth, including adjacent gingival and bone
  • Temporization of prepared teeth
  • Salvaging "hopeless teeth"
  • Impressions of prepared teeth and master impressions
  • Fabrication/fitting of restorations

Day 2: The Precision Attachment Case

  • Introduction to the Precision Attachment Case
  • Fabrication/Fitting of Fixed Bridgework for Attachments
  • Fabrication/Fitting of the Precision Attachment Partial Denture 
  • Trial and Permanent Cementation of Fixed Bridgework Segments
  • Rationale for the use of Precision Attachments with Implants

Edward Feinberg, DMD is a graduate of Tufts University and has practiced Dentistry in Scarsdale, New York for more than 30 years.  He is the successor to an evidence-based tradition established in 1948 by Dr. Elliot Feinberg.  Dr. Feinberg has a unique approach to crown and bridgework, precision attachment partial dentures and implant restorations that is documented in a growing collection of more than 100,000 slides, digital pictures and X-rays dating back to 1950.  Dr. Feinberg has lectured and written extensively on this approach for numerous dental organizations.  He is the Director of the Westchester Academy of Restorative Dentistry.