Reva Barewal, DDS

Reva Barewal, DDS

Reva Barewal, DDS, MS

Friday, April 3, 2009
9 am - 12 pm (Repeated 2 pm - 5 pm)
ODA Course
Recommended for: Dentists and Laboratory Techs






Treatment Planning the Implant Case:
Tools and Techniques for Success

The original indication of implant dentistry was for the treatment of the edentulous mandible.  However, the field is rapidly changing and there has been an evolution of options and accordingly, these numerous choices have led to a great deal of clinical confusion.  In order to achieve safe and predictable outcomes with implant dentistry it is important to differentiate the techniques that are well documented from those that lack adequate scientific support.  This evidence based presentation will review a step-by-step approach to determine fixed versus removable.  It will present general design concepts for removable and fixed options.  A discussion of the patient advantages of esthetics and function with early or immediate loading will be contrasted with the literature to support these techniques.  A protocol including careful analysis of biomechanical factors, methods for evaluating primary stability and well controlled loading will be presented. 

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to:
  • Describe a series of decision-making criteria to determine fixed vs. removable options in the mandible and maxilla
  • Apply specific surgical and restorative guidelines for removable prostheses in step-by-step fashion (implant number, location, design)
  • Discuss clinical comparisons of various treatment modalities in terms of implant success, patient satisfaction and maintenance considerations
  • Understand the difference between immediate load, early load and delayed load
  • Discuss differences in case selection for immediate loading based on implant numbers, configuration and prothesis design
  • Identify methods of evaluating implant stability and risk assessment based on bone type and load type

Dr. Reva Barewal received her DDS from the University of Toronto Dental School in 1992.  Dr. Barewal continued her training in Prosthodontics at the University of Texas Health Science Center and completed her Masters of Science degree in Biomedical Science in 1999.  She has published several articles and has given presentations on dental implants nationally.  In 2002, Dr. Barewal's research won the John Sharry award, presented at the ACP national meeting in Orlando and then in 2006 she received the Integrated Tissue Prosthesis award, presented by Dr. Tomas Albrektsson.  Dr. Barewal is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Biomaterials and Restorative Dentistry at OHSU in Portland, OR, and maintains a private practice.