John A. Kitzhaber, MD

John KitzhaberJohn A. Kitzhaber, MD

Friday, April 3, 2009
7:30 - 8:30
General Session
Recommended for: Dental Team






The Unfinished Business of the Baby Boom Generation: Health Care for the 21st Century

The growing crisis and access within the U.S. health care system has forced the issue of health care reform back into the national political stage after a 16 year absence.  All the leading candidates of both parties are talking about universal coverage or at least how to significantly expand coverage to the 47 million Americans currently without it.  This session explores the politics of health care reform and the question of whether this renewed political interest will actually result in substantive change.  In the process it will touch on the future of the Medicare program, the implications of the aging of the Baby Boom generation, and the key elements that are needed to move from political rhetoric to meaningful reform.

  • To explore the nature and causes of the looming crises in the U.S. health care system
  • To identify and discuss the contradictions and inequities in the current U.S. health care system
  • To offer a Vision for what the U.S. health care system should look like
  • To propose a direct action plan through which the growing concern over the U.S. health care system can be channeled into effective action

Dr. John Kitzhaber graduated from Dartmouth College and the University of Oregon Medical School.  He practiced emergency medicine in Roseburg, Oregon for over 15 years.  He was elected to the Oregon State House of Representatives in 1978 and the Oregon State Senate in 1980; reelected to the State Senate in 1984 and 1988; served as Senate President from 1985 to 1993; elected Governor of the State of Oregon in 1994 and reelected in 1998.  He authored and implemented the groundbreaking Oregon Health Plan.

Since 2003 Dr. Kitzhaber has served as the President of the Estes Park Institute, which conducts six annual educational conferences for community hospitals.  He serves as the Director fro the Center for Evidence Based Policy at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland and holds and endowed Chair on Health Care Policy with The Foundation for Medical Excellence, and Oregon based public, nonprofit educational foundation. 

On January 13, 2006 Dr. Kitzhaber launched The Archimedes Movement-committed to building a meaningful opportunity for engagement through which the growing concern over our health care system can be channeled info effective action.  The goal is to create not only the vision for a more equitable and sustainable system but the tension necessary for its realization.