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Fluoridation Facts

Fluoridation Facts contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding community water fluoridation. This 71-page booklet is a comprehensive encyclopedia of fluoridation facts with over 350 scientific references. Fluoridation Facts includes information from scientific research in an easy to use question and answer format on the topics of effectiveness, safety, practice and cost-effectiveness of fluoridation. Additionally, the booklet contains a Compendium of more than 125 "National and International Organizations That Recognize the Public Health Benefits of Community Water Fluoridation for Preventing Dental Decay."

Statements from Ten Leading Health Authorities Regarding Community Water Fluoridation

This one-page item encapsulates the statements on fluoridation made by ADA, CDC, AMA, AAP, US Surgeon General, ASTDD, AAPHD, APHA, WHO and IADR.

Fluoridation Ordinance—Suggested Provisions

This document contains suggested elements that provide a starting point for communities looking to enact a fluoridation ordinance. Be sure to consult with an attorney as you finalize your local ordinance.

Evidence-based Clinical Recommendations

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