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Infectious Waste

The following businesses and organizations may be able to help ODA members properly dispose of infectious/medical waste:

  • Oregon Department of Enviromental Quality

  • Search in your local business directory under "Infectious and Hazardous Waste Disposal" or "Medical Waste Disposal"

  • Local garbage haulers - Many pick up sharps and some other waste on a different day of the week from regular trash pick-up. Do not co-mingle infectious waste with regular trash. Check with your local hauler for details.

Sharps disposal

Oregon law requires that regulated medical waste be stored and disposed of in rigid, leak proof, puncture-resistant containers clearly marked with the biohazard sysmbol, and sealed for safetly.

Sharps are medical instruments such as needles, IV tubing with needles, scalpel blades, lancets, glass tubes and syringes that can cause injury, spread infection or pollute the environment when used or disposed of improperly.

Find a recycler

METRO provides a searchable directory of local businesses that recycle many different materials, include infectious and medical waste.