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Grassroots Action Center

Most dentists work in politically-charged environments; affected by everything from:

  • community water fluoridation, 
  • patient care,
  • scope of practice,
  • delegation of treatment to auxiliary staff, 
  • OSHA and Bureau of Labor compliance.         

ODA's Grassroots Action Programs promotes oral health and dentistry among those making laws and regulations that impact the patients, the practice and the profession of dentistry.

Dentists can make a difference in the political process. Building relationships in politics is essential; who you know and how well you know them often counts more than what you know. Communication with an elected official even on the smallest level is beneficial.

ODA Government Affairs department emphasizes engagement and planned involvement; dentists do not need to be political experts to be effective. Small-scale efforts - like sending emails - are just as important as larger-scale efforts such as hosting a Legislative Breakfast.

Letters and e-mails can be particularly effective in influencing legislators' views.  Writing to legislators also offers an opportunity to maintain contact and keep you issues on the front burner even when cannot meet personally. Write your legislator now.

Legislators listen to constituents who support them by raising campaign funds, walking blocks, and increasing the candidates' support among friends, family and dental colleagues.

Through the ODA Grassroots Action Program, legislators are matched with volunteer dentist(s) within their district. Members of DOPAC, the ODA Government Affairs department and the Government Relation Council provide coaching, and support the grassroots dentist(s) by disseminating information and communications.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser for a candidate in the upcoming election, take a look at our fundraising toolkit for a step-by-step guide to a successful event

What elected officials do affects what you do. Oregon dentistry needs lawmakers who understand the importance of oral health and will listen to our concerns. Get involved with ODA's Advocacy Network today.