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Pro-active Legislation

  • ODA will lobby for the continued funding of a dental director and oral health unit to support the dental director.
  • ODA will support a fix to the Dental Practice Act that allows dentists to prescribe and Dental Hygienist the ability to prescribe within their scope.
  • ODA will lobby for state support at a level of $80K/year for Dental Lifeline Network to fully support the program.
  • ODA will lobby for mandatory Oral Health Screenings for school aged children.
  • ODA will lobby to allow dentists to provide vaccinations in their offices should they choose to.
  • Mandate insurance companies cover anesthesia for  dental work completed in a hospital setting for children under the age of 7 and for those with mental or physical disabilities that prevents them receiving care in a traditional dental setting.


    Other supported concepts

  • ODA will provide support the expansion of  the Oregon Healthy Scholars Initiative.
  • ODA will provide support for OHSU SOD at the state level.
  • ODA will support t expanding the use of BOTOX for dentists without restrictions.
  • ODA will support the creation of  deferred compensation programs for Medicaid reimbursement.